May 15, 2021


Hi everyone

This weather has taken a battering on our named flags, we have removed some to write new ones

so far we havent taken them up, just waiting for a little bit of nicer weather to replace them

as soon as these are replaced we will let you know, if then you go up and dont see your flag please let us know as some have ripped completely

so they are hard to see whose they were

hopefully the weather will get better soon

we have ordered some yellow and orange marigolds, we did enquire about sunflowers but the Bwlch weather wouldnt have been very kind to them

again we are just waiting to get up there to start planting some around the heart

once again thank you so much for all your support

finally our opening of the memory benches we will news on whats happening on the day Sunday 13th June soon

hoping you can all join us